Ham Radio N6RO

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N6RO - Ken Keeler

NR6O - Club station for the Radio Oakley Contesters

N6O - Special Event Station in the California QSO Party, first weekend in October each year.

If you are a Contester or ham requesting a QSL card, click QSL Policy

If you are a Dixieland Jazz fan or other non-ham friend/associate of Ken Keeler, and would like to know a bit of what this is all about, click What is Ham Radio Contesting?

For a biography of Ken Keeler's "other life" in Ham Radio contesting, click Who is N6RO?

For station description and photos of the antennas, by N6BV, click N6RO 2005 More photos of the current antennas will be posted soon. (New 10m tower and 40m M2 antennas)

Links to other Contesting Information:

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