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Watch Devil Mountain JB videos by Rae Ann, now more than five dozen on YouTube.com - type “Devil Mountain Jazz Band”in the Search window!

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Nov. 15, Wed. 7-930 PM:  Tom Barnebey’s BEYOND SALVATION JB, guest band at Rossmoor Jazz Club, Walnut Creek

Nov. 18, Saturday, 130-430 PM:   DMJB at  Friends of Jazz, Danville Grange Hall 


FUTURE FESTIVALS                

Feb. 8-11, 2018  Fresno Mardi Gras  (website in progress)

July 14, 2018:  Cline Wine & Jazz Festival, Sonoma, CA


Details on DMJB, Beyond Salvation, Fog City Stompers, Zenith JB, Jambalaya Swing Band gigs,

and the schedule of bands at the Rossmoor Jazz Club are at updated BAND SCHEDULE

Many players in DMJB have gigs with other bands, combo's or solo. For example: Glenn, Pete, Virginia and Ken, play with the Zenith JB. See lower half of schedule page for details.

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